Meditech Europe IonExtra Water-Ionizer

  • Model: 7446022836839


The best Ionizer with the best techniques and the most delicious water.

The Meditech Europe IonExtra water ionizer has a large multilayer filter with tourmaline and calcium instead of simple activated carbon. It can be connected directly to the cold water pipe has a water supply control knob, ideal for connection to the tap: the water ionizer starts when water comes in and stops when you stop the water supply at the tap.
The Meditech Europe IonExtra does not add salt to the Kangen Enagic water ionisers for the production of anolyte and catolyte, in this case the ECA Plus Water Tractor can be used. In order to maximise the hydrogen capacity of the water and on the road, you can optionally purchase a portable H2Future. To maximise the water's hydrogen capacity and for travelling, you can optionally purchase a portable H2 water generator. Please refer to the selection window above.

The titanium electrodes (Plus-Minus poles), which are sprayed with platinum, fulfil the basic role of separating purified water into alkaline and acidic water by means of a patented process. There are huge differences in the world in the basic quality and active water quality of the different water ionizers, which are achieved by the thickness and type (galvanized or sprayed) of the platinum titanium coating and the number of electrodes as a whole. Each of the 9 electrodes is applied using three patented spraying techniques, which apply the platinum layers perfectly and leave no openings. Unlike 5-electrode water ionizers, this excellent 9-electrode ionizer is also suitable for very hard tap water above °dH 27. Values up to pH 10.5 and higher can also be achieved safely and sustainably with hard water. An additional advantage of the platinum nitanium coating is that it has a high electrical conductivity and is a harmless material for the human body. In addition, the heart of the Meditech Europe IonExtra (formerly Moses 9 or Moses 7) water ionizer is characterized by extremely low power consumption and good electrolytic performance.

  • Very high pH and especially redox potential (ORP) values can be achieved.
  • Mounting on the water tap with the changeover valve, or fixed connection with the 3/8" T-piece (DVGW-tested) or with the 3/4" screw cap, all connection parts are included in the scope of delivery.
  • 9 platinum coated titanium electrodes, 1204 cm²
  • SMPS power supply (max. 250W)
  • hydrogen yield at °dH16-18, highest electrolysis level & 0.5 L/min base water: ?1000 ppb molecularly dissolved hydrogen/litre
  • limescale protection by inverting the polarity of the electrodes & automatic river reversal - the most effective protection against limescale deposits, even with very limy water above °dH20
  • 370 x 280 x 150 mm
  • 7 year full warranty