MP2K Fountain Water Purifier

  • Model: MP2K
Alternative Cartridge Options :


Fresh Filtered WaterWhy choose the ‘Fountain Twin'?

All the benefits of the Fountain but with an additional housing supplying an increase in flow rate and capacity, and therefore a longer replacement cartridge period. 

The twin filter configuration of the MP2K with the 'Emerald' cartridge combination, offers the convenience of yearly cartridge changes, superior water flow and the opportunity to select various alternative water filter cartridge combinations.
Specific water quality concerns that are outside the scope of the single filter systems - e.g Sediment, Nitrates, Fluoride and the cosmetic concern of Limescale Reduction may therefore be effectively addressed.

What's Included?

Featuring advanced filtration technology, our exclusive 'twin cartridge' FreshWater MP2K water filter is supplied as a complete system, ready to install. Included in the package are a pair of strong and durable plastic water filter housings, our exclusive 'Emerald' cartridge pack and a chromium finish lever operated dispenser tap. The Emerald cartridge combination employs a combination of porous ceramic, carbon and Dealk technologies to deliver high capacity wide-spectrum water filtration. It is effective against a wide range of potential contaminants, including harmful bacteria, parasites, cysts, chlorine, lead and upleasant tastes and odours. Healthy elements such as magnesium and calcium that give water its refreshing taste are retained.

Performance Data Sheet for the MP2K
Removes and reduces the following contaminants, particles and dissolved forms:
Bacteria 99.99%
Particles, Rust, Sediment 99.99%
Chlorine 100.00%
Trihalomethanes 90-99%
Metals, for example
Lead, Aluminium, Copper, Cadmium, Mercury 92-99.00%
Organics, for example
Pesticides & Herbicides 93-98.00%
Phenols 97.00%
Solvents 90-98.00%
Xeno Oestrogen
Flourathene 90.00%+
Fluoride 85.00%+
Hydrocarbons 90.00%+
Nitrates 85.00%+


Height (mm)  320
Width (mm) 200
Depth (mm) 90
Weight (kg) 2

Q. How is the system installed?  Will I need a plumber?

A. Installing the MP2K system is straightforward. There is no need to cut pipework and simple push-fit connections make the procedure easy. However, if you are not competent at DIY we recommend that you appoint a qualified plumber to install it for you.

Q. How much filtered water will the cartridges give me?

A. It is difficult to be specific - the water filter cartridges are designed to maintain the quality of the filtered water for the stated life of the cartridges - 12 months in the case of the Emerald combination. 
In exceptional cases, where higher than normal levels of sediment are present, the cartridge may clog and need replacing before the usual replacement date. This will be obvious as the flow of the water from the tap will slow to an unacceptable level.      

Q. How much space does the system take up under the sink?

A. The MP2K Fountain system is very compact - approximately 30cm high and 16cm across.  It fits neatly into a standard kitchen base unit and still leaves plenty of space!

Q. I've found similar looking taps and systems for less money - what's so great about FreshWater?

A. FreshWater has been established for nearly 25 years and is regarded as a pioneer of drinking water filter systems for the home. 
It is the supplier of choice for over 500 practising health professionals and its new, senior management team were responsible for designing and manufacturing  the Triflow system - the first three-way hot, cold and filtered water tap. 
Unlike many of its competitors, FreshWater also prides itself on manufacturing and assembling its systems and filter cartridges in its own, Stoke on Trent based factory.