MP1K Fountain Water Purifier

  • Model: MP1K


Featuring advanced drinking water filtration technology, FreshWater's MP1K mini water filter tap systemis supplied ready to install. Included in the package isastrong and durableplasticwater filterhousing, our exclusive'Pearl' water filter cartridge and achrome finishedlever-touchmini tap.Theunique 'Pearl' multi-stage water filter usesa combinationof porous ceramic and carbon toprovidebroad-spectrum water filtration.It is effective againsta wide range of potential waterborne contaminants, includingharmful bacteria, parasites, herbicides and pesticides, cysts,chlorine, leadandunpleasant tastes and odours.Healthy elements such as magnesium and calcium that give water its refreshing taste are retained.
User &Installation Guide

Your questions answered

Q. How is the MP1K mini filter tap system installed? Will I need a plumber?

A. Installing theMP1K mini filter tapsystem issimple and straightforward.There is no need to cut pipework and simple push-fit connections make the procedure quick and easy. However, if you arenot competent at DIY we recommend either using a FreshWater engineer, contacting a qualified plumber, or allow us toarrange this for you.

Q. How often will I need to replace the filter tap system's filter cartridge?

A. We recommend you change your filter tap system's filter every 6 months. To make sureyou receive your replacement filter is on time every time,simplyregister on our filter cartridge replacement schemeand leave us to do rest.We can also offer you the convenienceof payingbyDirect Debit.

Q. How much filtered water will one filter cartridge give me?

A. Filtered water volumes from a single cartridge vary. Factors to consider include how much your mini filter tap is used and the quality of your water. For example, if your water is of poor quality and your filter tap system is removing lots of contaminants,the ceramic layer of yourfilter system's cartridge will clog sooner and require replacing morefrequently.

Q. How much space does the mini filter tap system's cartridge housingtake up under the sink?

A. The filter cartridge and its cartridge housing is very compact - approximately 30cm high. It fits neatly into a standard kitchen base unit and still leaves plenty of space!

Q. I've found similar looking filter taps and systems for less money - what's so great about FreshWater's?

A. FreshWater has been established for nearly 25 years and is regarded as a pioneer of drinking water filter taps andsystems for the home andis the supplier of choice for over 500 practising health professionals.Its management team has a wealth of experiencedesigning and manufacturingwater filter systems andunlike many of its competitors, FreshWater is not a re-seller -wedesign, manufacter and assemblesystems and water filter cartridges in ourown UKfactory and deliver direct to our customers. Furthermore we pride ourself on the standard of our after sales care.Our experienced and knowledgeable in-house customer service team are always on hand to answer your questionsand to organiseany spare parts you may require.

Technical Information & Diagram

Performance Data Sheet for the MP1K
Removes and reduces the following contaminants, particles and dissolved forms:
Particles, Rust, Sediment 99.99%
Metals, for example
Lead, Aluminium, Copper, Cadmium, Mercury 92-99.00%
Organics, for example
Pesticides & Herbicides93-98.00%
Xeno Oestrogen


Dimensions & Other Specifications
Height (mm)305
Width (mm)90
Depth (mm)90
Weight (kg)1
Housing connections
3/8 speedfit
Min Operating Pressure10 psi
Max Working pressure72.5 psi
Max Working temperature60C