FreshWater MRO30K Reverse Osmosis System

  • Model: MR030K


Reverse osmosis is a method of purifying water by pushing it through a semi-permeable membrane. By using reverse osmosis, it is possible to remove all suspended solids, up to 98% of dissolved solids and virtually all bacteria, pesticides and viruses. Reverse osmosis has many benefits. These include -

  • Improved taste, odour and appearance of water
  • An unlimited supply of pure water for less than just 3 pence a litre
  • Removal of limescale
  • 'Intenser' tasting fruit juices, cordials and hot drinks; better cooking results
At the heart of any reverse osmosis unit is the membrane. In addition, Freshwater's MRO30K reverse osmosis unit also incorporates a prefilter and two activated carbon filters. Once water has been purified, it is stored in a tank, which has a tap, allowing you to access perfectly pure water whenever it is needed. 

FreshWater's reverse osmosis systems are compact enough to be installed under most kitchen sinks. However, the units do require a minimum water pressure of 2.7 bar/40psi - so it is essential you have your home's water pressure assessed by a qualified plumber before purchasing the unit. 
Small pumps, especially designed with reverse osmosis systems in mind, are available if your water pressure requires boosting.