Water Purifier Aquaphor model Modern V2 White

  • Model: AQ501751
  • Manufactured by: Meditech Europe


We think it's the best water filter at the moment. We grant it to you!

The Meditech Europe LifeFilter is designed as an effective and highly cost-effective table filter to provide safe purified drinking water.

The following pollutants, among others, are removed up to a percentage:

  • Heavy metals: 98%; chlorine: 100%.
  • Organic substances: 98%; phenol: 99%.
  • pesticides: 95%
  • and many other substances that do not belong in your water

Reliable germination protection due to long silver filter life, permanently built into a patented fibre composite.
Quickly installed on the tap with switch knob, so that the function of the tap is not obstructed.

Filter carcass capacity: approx. 4000 litres or 6 months.


  • Aquaphor Modern
  • Incl. 2 AQUALEN filter cartridges already installed in the filter.
  • Incl. diverter valve and
  • 1 x crane adapter M22xM24
  • 1 x Universal crane adapter for clamps
  • Please still unscrew your aeration/sieve piece and measure the wire. If it is not an M24 female thread or M22 male thread, you should order an adapter.
  • Instructions for use