Pure Water Mega Classic

  • Model: 600052
  • Manufactured by: Meditech Europe


This fully automatic water distillation system produces fresh distilled water for the whole family or for at the office, for the cooking or making ice cubes. An asset to your home and workplace!

In this series of Pure Water, no fewer than three formats are for sale: Mini, Medi and Mega. Each with its own storage capacity (up to 45 liters) that you can tailor to your use. Both at home and at your workplace, this system is a real addition and makes it possible for you to enjoy fresh and pure water!

How does the Pure Water Mega Classic water distillation system work?

As mother nature purifies ocean water into rain water, thus, the Pure Water device through steam distillation, mimics the hydrological cycle inside the device. This is what happens:

1) The machine automatically fills the cooking tank with tap water.
2) A heating element boils the contaminated water and pure steam rises.
3) The steam passes into the condensing coil and the impurities stay behind.
4) A fan cools the steam and converts it into water: pure distilled water.
5) A stainless steel tank with a capacity of 5 gallons (19 liters) captures the distilled water.
6) A booster pump delivers the distilled water to a dispenser, refrigerator or ice maker.

Please note that the Pure Water Mega Classic is to be directly connected to your water supply like the other models, except the Mini Classic.

Did you know that the Pure Water distillation systems are used daily to full satisfaction in 130 countries worldwide?

What are the characteristics of the Pure Water distillation system?

The Pure Water Classic series is constructed from top quality stainless steel and provide reliable operation for years with minimal maintenance.
It is air cooled and equipped with a unique float design to stop automatically when the tank is full.
The unit has a built-in sterilizer system and is easy to clean.
A safety system automatically switches off when overheated.
The Pure Water Series is designed to operate for many years free of defects and has a limited warranty of 15 years.
Each distillation unit is equipped with valves to allow harmful gases to escape and with an activated carbon filter to prevent organic and inorganic gas throughput to the storage tank.
The Pure Water Series automatically flushes the dirt from the cooking chamber when the storage tank is full. This reduces the maintenance and requires that the device is installed in the vicinity of a drain. If not, the unit can be manually set to manual operation.
A built-in booster pump delivers the distilled pure water to the sink, a dispenser, refrigerator or ice maker.
It contains a manual pure water tap to drain the distilled water directly.

How to install the Pure Water Mega Classic?

The system comes fully assembled and includes all connecting materials, tubes and accessories. Installation is a matter of minutes, with the aid of the easy connection nipples. Due to the internal pump you can move the device somewhere else and still enjoy distilled water at the place where you need it. So, it is ideal for connection in your kitchen, office space, utility room, garage or basement.

A tip from us: separately available is a convenient base to put the device on.

And maintenance? This is reduced to a minimum due to the automatic flushing system.