Vancouver Island Ormus Substrate

  • Model: VIO-SUBS
  • Manufactured by: Vancouver Island Ormus


Vancouver Island Ormus Mineral Substrate is 100% pure ocean minerals extracted from the west coast of Vancouver Island. Over 70 minerals, elements, and macronutrients essential for total body health, including platinum and gold group elements, are contained within V.I.O. Mineral Substrate. This product is sterilized, induction sealed, and does not expire.

Directions: Take 5mL (one teaspoon) per day. Shake well before using. Safe for children, pets, plants, and pregnant/nursing women.

Warning: Do not refrigerate. Do not freeze. Do not microwave. Keep lid on when not in use.

Returns: All returns need to be unopened. Only sealed containers will be accepted. If customs opens the seal on these bottles, they cannot be returned to us. If you are not happy with this, you can always feed it to your plants, and they will simply love you for it! 1 teaspoon per gallon of water works very well!

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