Deep Cleanse

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The ALL-IN-ONE Cleanser By Infowars Life

We know that a clean, toxin-free body is the foundation of true health.

That's why, using our proprietary Spagyrex technology, we developed Deep Cleanse: an ALL-IN-ONE total body cleanser that doesn't cut any corners. This all natural formula incorporates the chemical and toxic metal cleansing ability of organic zeolites in combination with powerful angstrom-colloid cleansing herbs.

And as always, it's available for the best price out there. That's our 360 win guarantee.

The Proprietary Science Behind Deep Cleanse

The history of Deep Cleanse is based on our proprietary Spagyrex process, which was invented during Dr. Group's research on the root cause of disease.

He found that all disease begins when the body becomes contaminated with toxins and its internal self-healing mechanism is suppressed. These toxins come from air, food, water, beverages, harmful organisms, stress, chemicals, toxic metals, radiation and many other sources.

Thus began a journey to create the most powerful herbal chemical and toxic metal cleanse product available. It started by studying the works of the famous 16th century healer, scientist, and alchemist, Paracelsus.

Paracelsus, composed the word Spagyria (Spagyry), which means to extract (spao) and combine (ageiro). The word was used to describe the process and power of transmuting a preparation of herbs into an elixir of health and longevity.

Our Spagyrex process is a revolutionary, multi-step, proprietary processing technique that follows the principle of separating and recombining all the elements of an herb to extract the most powerful essence of its healing nature.

Shocking Stats About Toxic Metal Pollution

  • According to the EPA, 857 million pounds of pesticides were dumped onto the United States in 2007.
  • Canada's National Water Research Institute has reported that metal pollution in soil is a real problem.
  • Metal toxicity rarely comes with warning, indications are often nonspecific and undiagnosed until serious problems develop.
  • In 2012, the Iranian Journal of Environmental Health Sciences reported that toxic metal pollution in water is a worldwide problem.
  • The EPA reports that 80% of pesticide used in the United States is for agriculture (ie, the food you eat).
  • The Environmental Integrity Project, and Sierra Club listed Pennsylvania (arsenic and lead), Ohio (mercury and selenium), Indiana (chromium and nickel), Kentucky (arsenic), and Texas (mercury and selenium) as the worst states for air pollution.

Why is Deep Cleanse the Best Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanser Available?

  • Only product on the market featuring a Spagyrex processed blend of powerful herbs.
  • Sustainably produced in the USA with organic and wild cultivated herbs.
  • 100% true alcohol free.
  • Vegan Safe and GMO free. Kosher and Halal approved.
  • Does not contain harmful fillers, binders or additives.
  • NOT tested on animals!
Now is the time to start cleansing chemicals and toxic metals. Try Deep Cleanse today and help support the Infowar while also transforming your health!
  • 2 Fluid Ounces Per Bottle
  • Item ID: IWL-DPCLNSE-1