Mountainlight Therapy Lamp 2 x 18 Watt

  • Model: ML-THERAPY-02


What is True Light? 

True Light is a daylight lamp which is unparalleled. This lamp is closer to daylight than any other daylight lamp. This product, which has been developed in the US is a revolution in lighting. After breeders of tropical birds, farmers and dentists discovered the positive effects of the True Light, schools, buildings and workshops soon followed.

The qualities of this product

We cannot beat nature but we can try to get close to its perfection. That is exactly what True Light does. Made from the finest materials, including 14 different natural phosphorus powders and pure argon gas together with a UV transmitting sodium glass, True Light is a product of the highest quality. 

The reproduction of colours 

The colour temperature is 5500 Kelvin, whilst an ordinary full spectrum bulb, like the Cool White has a temperature of 4200 Kelvin. The index for the colour reproduction of True Light is 96, taking into account that natural daylight is 100. Just for comparison: the colour index of an ordinary Cool White bulb is only 68! 

Colour brightness

In contrast to other artificial lights, that transmit light within the yellow band, True Light emits natural daylight throughout the lamp. This is due to the special and unique phosphorus mixture. The result? See better, less stress, no fatigue and an active and healthy feeling. True Light transmits a perfect, optimum brightness of the light. 


True Light cannot be compared to other “daylight lamps”. The ingredients of the lamp, including the sodium glass and the fourteen different phosphors, make that True Light is almost equal to natural daylight more than any other daylight lamps made by competitors. It is misleading that many lamps that transmit the spectrum partially are offered as full spectrum or daylight bulbs. 

If you would like to see the best result than it is very important that the light is powered with high-frequency. For standard armatures the network frequency is 50. Many people find this very disturbing. Science supports this. 



Mountainlight therapy lighting 

Meditech Europe has produced high frequent full spectrum therapy armatures , that compensate a lack of sun- and daylight, for several years now. 

It is common knowledge that daylight is an essential source for optimal health. People, animals and plants cannot live without daylight. Many people don’t get enough unobstructed daylight(especially in the darker months)and that’s why the human organism is not able to operate at its best. Sombreness and depression can be the result. By making sure one gets enough high frequent daylight these complaints can be prevented and the human body can function in good condition. Full spectrum light can reduce stress and irritation. At work this can lead to a considerable reduction of absenteeism. 

Mountainlight gives the body the same vitalising impulses as sunlight, without the UV radiation. Mountainlight doesn’t make the skin brown, but it does ensures a better complexion by good blood circulation. 

Mountainlight clearly differs from conventional artificial lighting like bulbs and fluorescent lamps because it reflects the full spectrum in a range of 300-800 nanometre and has a working frequency of at least 15.000 Hz. (Conventional lighting works at 50 HZ) This frequency enables a stable, high quality light without the irritating flashing or flickering. By the careful dosage of energy there is a lot of energy saving. According to calculations this can mount up to 35%. Malfunctioning armatures are turned off automatically and the life of this combination is a few times longer than the conventional ones. 

Full spectrum light has a demonstrable positive effect on the blood-pressure, the level of cholesterol, the oxygen uptake by the blood, acne and skin diseases, concentration, sombreness, fatigue, depression, overall resistance, tension of the muscles, strength and the circulation of the blood and it stimulates the uptake of vitamins and minerals. 

We also produce special designs in material and impermeable models for stables, riding schools, rinsing areas, outdoor lighting, greenhouses and workshops, therapy rooms, etc. 

How to use the Therapy lamp: as mentioned above and by looking into the lamp between 5 and 10 minutes in the morning. You should not use spectacles, contact lenses or any other vision aids. By using these the important minimal quantity of UV-A will be filtered. With this method your system will be activated immediately. Also for children who study this full spectrum light can help.