Vitamin C - High Dose

This is the story of a Dad in Australia who became sick with Swine Flu, Leukemia and holes in his lungs. He was due to be removed from the ECMO life support machine but his family insisted that the Doctors try high-dose Vitamin C. The Hospital and the Doctors refused to give him Vitamin C as they believed that it wouldn't make any difference at all to their Dad's condition. 

The Doctors had basically given up on the Australian man and were prepared to turn his life support off. High-Dose Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Palmitate Powder and Liposome) was administered at 25,000mg per day after the family continued to insist the Doctors try it. So eventually they agreed to give him 25,000mg per day for 2 days. After the 2 days, he showed significant improvement and so the Doctors decided to keep his life support turned on. The hospital then lowered his Vitamin C IV to 6,000mg per day. He continued to get better but at a much slower rate. This infuriated the family and they ended up having to get Lawyers involved in order to stop the hospital from lowering his daily Vitamin C intake. 

What happened next, some might say is a miracle. But, really, it's the Anti-Oxidant power of High-Dose Vitamin C that causes a massive infusion of Electrons into the body, thus causing the man's body to become more Alkaline. The continued use of high-dose Vitamin C for a couple of months resulted in the man's complete recovery! No signs of Leukemia or Swine Flu anymore!