Aqutos Ozone Water Microgenerator

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"Ozone Water Micro Generator" is the most compact ozone water generator system. 
It can easily be attached to water tap without tools and is free of running cost. 

• Economical 
• Ecological 
• Eliminates pathogenic bacteria and viruses 

Important: do not use the Aqutos in combination with hot water 
Ozon Generator Aqutos Ozon Generator Aqutos 
Original patent and with CE 
Official patent in the USA (pdf)

Power Unit

An integrated power unit obviates any outer power supply or batteries. It generates electricity through the pressure of flowing water. 

Ozone gas is produced from oxygen in the air by electrical discharge at high voltage and dissolved in water at enhanced pressure. "Aqutos" is capable to produce up to 70 mg ozone in an hour depending on the pressure of the flowing water. The ozone concentration in the water ranges from 0.3 to 0.7 mg/L at water pressure 0.2 Mpa to 0.5 Mpa. 


"Aqutos" is attached directly to the water outlet of a faucet. It can be attached to various types of faucet by using plastic adaptors. No special tool is required. It can be fixed by hand.


Ozone is a molecule that consists of three oxygen atoms (3xO=O3). With its oxidation power, it is an efficient disinfectant, characterized by its rapidity and the low concentrations required. It has the ability to destroy not only bacteria but also viruses including Noro-virus, spores, fungus and many other contaminants by oxidation. 

Ozone is non-toxic in a concentration not exceeding a certain level. It will revert back to its original form, namely oxygen (02) within a short period of time. In contrast to chlorine-based disinfectants or any other common agents, therefore, ozone water will not leave any residues of itself. Ozone is widely used in the food industries. lt is also admitted as food additive. 

In water, ozone decomposes rapidly and hydrolyses from the OH-radical - an even more potent oxidant. So ozone water has any of those features of ozone that have to do with oxidation. 
"Aqutos" supplies ozone water that is effective but not harmful. It can be used in a wide range of applications. 


Cleanliness is an important factor for us all to lead a healthy life. 
Proper hand washing alone can prevent unnecessary diseases. Washing hands with soap is effective but not that effective as washing ozone water. 
Washing hands by ozone water will do to kill bacteria on the surface of hands as shown as Fig-1. 
Also washing hands before meal for sterilization with no disinfection liquid necessary, convenient and cost effective. 

Ozonator hands 
Ozonator hands
Ozone water is also good for skin care. General hygiene helps to keep the skin clean but ozone water can more. It can replace lotions or moisturizers. You can use it to get rid of pimples on your face. Ozone water is even used in medical treatment. 

Keep foods fresh

Better result for washing fishes, meats, and leaf vegetables with longer fresh-keeping time.

And clean vegetables, fruits eliminate residue pesticide and toxic chemical substances.
Ozonator Vegetables 

Ozone water can be used to replace chemicals such as detergents that affect our environment and as a result improve the environment from pollution. Ozone water can produce better effect in watering flowers, grooving fish, cleaning pets and disinfection. Extremely remove toxic substances including the dust, odors mold, etc. 


Drink Water

Ozone destroys, not only bacteria, but also chlorine residues that cause unpleasant smells, making tap water undrinkable. Ozonized water used in coffee or tea will taste good. If preferred, ozonized water can be left for half an hour before drinking to allow the distinctive ozone smell to disappear. 


Dimensions W 106 x L 130 x H 70 mm
Ozonating Capacity 70 mg per hour
Ozone Concentration 0.3-0.7 ppm *1
Minimum Water Flow Pressure 0.20 Mpa
Net Weight 305 g
Generator Performance max. 2 W

*1: Ozone concentration is measured by ozone checker EZ-10W which is supplied by USA company.

Table 1: Water Analysis

Parameter Actual Values Standard Values
Bacteria, general under 100 /mL colony under 100 /mL
Escherichia coli not detectable not detectable
Nitrite - Nitrogen 2,7 mg/L under 10 mg/L
Chloride lons 7,1 mg/L under 200 mg/L
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) 0,5 mg/L under 5 mg/L
pH 7,2 5,8 - 8,6
Taste no abnormality noticeable no abnormality noticeable
Odor no abnormality noticeable no abnormality noticeable
Coloration 0,5 under 5
Turbidity 0,1 under 2
Calcium, Magnesium, etc. 90 mg/L under 300 mg/L
Iron 0,1 mg/L under 0,3 mg/L
Chlorine Residual 0,4 mg/L not mentioned

Table 2: Microbiological Analysis of Ozonized Water

Three different species of bacteria as listed below were cultivated in a common bouillon medium at 35 degrees C for 18 hours and injected into sterilized pure water after centrifugation. (Approximate bacterial concentration: 106cfu-mL.) 

Escherichia coli IFO 3972 - Staphylococcus aureus IFO 12732 - Escherichia coli IID 959 

Water samples were collected from the ozonizer in 3 sterilized 1-liter bottles after 3 minutes of running and injected with 1 mL each of the bacterial solutions. After injection, 10 mL each of the water samples was taken in intervals of 1,3 and 5 minutes, respectively. Prior to numerical analysis, the samples were placed in agar medium at 35 degrees C for 48 hours. Sterilized pure water was processed in the same manner for reference. 


0 Min 1 Min 3 Min 5 Min
Escherichia coli 
IFO 3972
Ozone Water - nd* nd* nd*
Pure Water 3,8 x 104 - - 6,5 x 104
IFO 12732
Ozone Water - nd* nd* nd*
Pure Water 1,1 x 105 
- - 9,2 x 104 
Escherichia coli 
IID 959
Ozone Water - nd* nd* nd*
Pure Water 7,0 x 104 
- - 5,5 x 104

*not detectable 

Download CE Certificate (pdf)
Download SGS laboratory test report Ozone Generator (pdf)