Meditech HNC Oxygen Generator

  • Model: 8718546853616
  • Manufactured by: Meditech Europe


This very practical and innovative invention is the latest in the field of oxygen generators and works completely without the use of chemicals. It is small and handy and very affordable. The Meditech HNC oxygen generator is a beautifully finished product and features a clear "liquid crystal" display for easy operation. 


The Meditech HNC oxygen generator is suitable for anyone who wants to work on her or his health and therefore it has a wide range of different applications: 

  • Oxygen stimulates blood flow and therefore has a rejuvenating and restorative effect and provides energy in signs of fatigue 
  • Oxygen improves sports performance and allows for a faster physical recovery 
  • Oxygen enhances the immune system by stimulating metabolism and cell activity 
  • Oxygen improves lung functions and thus respiration, which can be very helpful in conditions such as asthma, flu, sinusitis and other respiratory diseases 
  • Oxygen prevents aging because it balances and balances the acidity in the body 
  • Oxygen works positive for your brain function, relaxes the mind and improves your memory 
  • Very affordable 

This high-quality oxygen generator is highly competitively priced and therefore accessible to anyone who benefits from the use of additional oxygen.