Liquid Oxygen Drops - Female Formula (30ml)

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This female formula has calcium - magnesium to assist with: bone strength, weight loss, osteo-porosis, stress reduction and more.


Directions For Use

Mix 10 drops in 8 oz. of water or directly under tongue to help oxygenate the body, purify water and assist overall health. Shake well before using. Use as often as required daily.

Each bottle contains 45 servings.

Family friendly. Safe and healthy for everyone, everyday. Pets too.

Ingredients For Liquid Oxygen Drops

Concentrated oxygen also contains trace amounts of carbon, calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, magnesium (chloride), selenium, purified water and sodium (chloride).

No: Preservatives, sugar, starch, yeast, corn, wheat, soy or artificial coloring. pH balanced (7.2).

Vegan friendly. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if seal is broken. Do not use metal utensil for mixing.

Male Formulation also contains potassium-magnesium.

Female Formulation also contains calcium-magnesium.

Use Liquid Oxygen to improve health and fitness! 

Liquid Oxygen is a concentrated oxygen product that has been proven to improve overall health. Use O2 Spa Bar Liquid Oxygen drops as an alternative health product for stress management, health and fitness, to help promote healing of bodily injuries, and much more. 

Liquid Oxygen Uses: 

Stress and Anxiety 

Increasing the amount of oxygen in the body acts as a relaxing agent. Just as breathing deeply is recommended to reduce stress, liquid oxygen drops increase oxygen in the bloodstream that helps to relax the tense body and mind. 


Have an 'oxygen high'. Our bodies need oxygen in order to function. The more oxygen in the body, the better it functions, and the more energy, less stress, and less headaches and migraines you have. Liquid Oxygen drops create excellent drinking water. When added to tap water, it increases its oxygen content and purifies the water, eliminating the need for bottled water. 


The human body primarily uses aerobic methods, meaning with oxygen, to generate energy. When oxygen is limited, the body uses other methods to generate oxygen and temporarily creates a substance called lactate. High levels of lactate increase the acidity of the muscle cells (referred to as lactic acid buildup) and disrupts other metabolites. Liquid oxygen helps the body maintain its preferred energy production method - aerobic oxygen - and improves energy during excercise. Liquid oxygen has more benefits than a vitamin supplement and all it takes is a few drops of 'super water'. 

Look Great 

Liquid Oxygen, sometimes referred to as liquid air, doesn't just make you feel great; you'll also look great. O2 Spa Bar's Liquid Oxygen is not only an energy booster, stress reducer, and health improver, it's also used as a skin care product to support clear & firm skin, a weight loss supplement, and an assistant to quit smoking. 

Male Formula - Increase Muscle Mass

The male formula includes potassium-magnesium which may good for: regulating blood pressure, increasing muscle mass, and reducing stress levels. 

Female Formula - Strengthen Bones 

(The female formula of Liquid Oxygen includes calcium-magnesium which may be good for: forming healthy, strong bones, losing weight, and reducing stress).

Health Benefits 

Oxygen is a natural health product that contributes to fighting: 

Jet lag
Colds and flu
Viral infections

Oxygen also helps to benefit: 

Immune system
Quitting smoking
Water purification
Skin rejuvenation
Weight loss

How much do I take?

If you are taking it sublingually (directly under the tongue), about 1/3 dropper is sufficient. Note, when taking liquid oxygen in this manner, it goes immediately into your system and is especially effective in helping to combat headaches, migraines, hangovers and boosting your energy quickly. It may taste a bit salty but not terrible. 

When adding to your water or juice, put a minimum of 10 drops to every 8 oz. Do not worry about taking too much, your body will simply "eliminate" any additional oxygen that it can not store. Remember your family, friends and pets too. Use liquid oxygen drops everyday and share with everyone. 

There are no contraindications or adverse effects if you take too much. You may experience an acceleration of energy which will gradually dissipate. Taking the drops to close to bedtime may keep some people awake. 

Can I take Liquid Oxygen with other vitamins and supplements?

We do know that when Liquid Oxygen is taken with food that some of the bio-available oxygen may be consumed (utilized) in oxidizing the food instead of being absorbed into the blood stream. How much? We have no data at this time to answer this question more specifically. A great deal depends on how much food and what type of food is consumed with Liquid Oxygen. 

Liquid Oxygen may be taken with other nutritional supplements. In fact, it may be safe to assume that Liquid Oxygen drops may even increase the efficacy of such supplements. Since absorption and assimilation of nutrients at a cellular level requires energy, and since energy production is directly related to the availability and utilization of oxygen, it stands to reason that Liquid Oxygen may positively affect this process. 

We recommend that Liquid Oxygen be taken on an empty stomach, preferably 30 minutes before eating and 2 hours after eating to get the greatest physiological benefits from the product. 

Liquid Oxygen works hand-in-hand with all other nutrients, including amino acids, minerals and vitamins. These all require oxygen to be assimilated into the body and oxygen to become integrally involved in the metabolic processes. The higher the oxygen saturation level in the blood and tissues, the more efficient and effective the metabolic processes will be as these processes utilize other nutritional ingredients. 

Are there any contraindications or side effects? 

Absolutely not. It could be compared to drinking water (which is H2O) or breathing air (which contains O2). Children, the elderly, and pets also use it. It's a family-friendly natural health product. 

Buy Liquid Oxygen Now 

O2 Spa Bar's Liquid Oxygen isn't like your ordinary vitamin supplement. This health product, stabilized oxygen in a liquid form - aka 'liquid air' - is a powerhouse when it comes to natural health products. Widely used by frequent flyers to counter jet lag, liquid oxygen drops also contribute to fighting stress and anxiety and improving overall health. 

Liquid Oxygen is available in spas, hotels, inflight duty free, and health stores. Or buy Liquid Oxygen now through our secure online system. 

Male formulation



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