Multiwave Oscillator Basic

  • Model: ME-MWO-BASIC
  • Manufactured by: Meditech Europe


The Multiwave Oscillator Basic is a complete package consisting of the following components:

  • Multiwave Oscillator
  • 2 Printplate Antennas on tripod
  • 2 therapy pillows
  • Cables

The use of high frequency/voltages at low current (in amperes) in living organisms such as plants, humans and animals has been the subject of medical interest for almost 100 years. The technique was invented around 1890 by Dr. Nikola Tesla, a brilliant scientist, who also discovered alternating current. Thanks to him, we can make use of electricity in the house, street lighting, etc. Since then, a lot of equipment using this technique has been put on the market.

The original device, the basis for the MWO therapy, came from the French scientist George Lakhovsky, who worked in Paris around 1920. He developed the vision that genes and chromosomes in all living cells are constantly in motion. He further argued that they function as small radio transmitters and receivers. In addition, they would have a resonant frequency due to their size, shape and capacity. 

When cells are exposed to a wide range of electro magnetic waves from the lower part of the electromagnetic spectrum, they absorb energy that suits their resonance frequency when exposed to that energy, provided the strength of the magnetic waves is not too strong or too weak. 

Lakhovsky has done a lot of research on the impact of this theory. However, the established order was not charmed by the fact that he had developed a successful method.

Experiments with very high voltages have shown, with expert use, that physical pains can be treated very quickly and effectively. It also appeared that infections and wounds heal very quickly. These high frequencies and voltages cannot be applied directly to the body. 

The energy is led through a gas-filled lamp (argon or neon) or through an antenna system. 

After a period of about fifteen to twenty minutes, the cells no longer absorb energy. If the exposure to magnetic waves lasts longer, the energy is rejected by the cells and no longer used. The energy of this device cannot damage or destroy a living cell. 

Lakhovsky’s Multi Wave Oscillator was successfully used in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s, especially in England, Germany, France and Italy. The equipment was large, heavy and expensive (relatively speaking). It was therefore only used in hospitals. 

The ‘Multiwave Oscillator Therapy’ has been further developed over many years through repeated experiments, improvements and optimization of the equipment. Especially through the reactions, advice and experiences (and also research) of people who use the equipment, the current device has come into being.

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