Rife Phanotron 60

  • Model: 100468


The Rife Phanotron 60 is a great addition to your Multiwave Oscillator. It has a wide range and easily fills a room with beneficial frequencies.

Rife and his supporters say that all medical conditions have an electromagnetic frequency. Rife treatment works by finding the frequency of the disorder. An impulse of the same frequency is then used to kill or eliminate diseased cells.

The discharge of the gas combustion in the Rife lamp provides a deep relaxing effect. The frequencies that are distributed in this way give the body the information it needs to achieve complete relaxation.

In combination with the Multiwave Oscillator, the Rife treatment can be very powerful due to the wide spectrum of frequencies produced by the Multiwave Oscillator.

The Rife Phanotron 60 has a diameter of 60 cm.

With this diameter the Rife Phanotron 60 has a range with which a space of 60m2 can be treated with ease. So you can reach several people at the same time with the beneficial frequencies of the Rife Phanotron.