The MagZapper (Clark Magnetic Pulser)

  • Model: Dr.Clark-MagZapper
  • Manufactured by: Dr. Clark
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MagZapper is a professional pulsating magnetic field device. The Scientific term for this is Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF).

Why use MagZapper? 

Magnetic fields are known for increasing our well-being and giving us more energy. They revitalize and relax us, as well as having a recreative effect. What is a pulsating magnetic field? In general, there are two different types of magnets. Permanent magnets consist of magnetic metals and generate a static magnetic field. These kinds of magnets have existed for hundreds of years as magnetic stones. Spools energized by electricity also create a magnetic field, its strength depending on the amperage. The power of a magnetic field is verbalized in Gauss or Tesla. Inside MagZapper there are two huge capacitors. These are electrical components able to store and quickly release electricity. MagZapper charges the capacitors and discharges them in a short, strong pulse over the magnetic coil located in the head of the applicator. The electricity produces a short but powerful magnetic pulse. MagZapper reaches a magnetic field strength of 6.000 Gauss (0.6 Tesla) at 0.2 Hz (1 pulse per 5 seconds). This is a very strong field. At 1 Hz (1 pulse per second) the device generates pulses of 2.400 Gauss (0.24 Tesla), therefore 5 times more often. Thus the biggest magnetic field is reached at a slow frequency, but the product of strength of pulse multiplied by time is the biggest at a low frequency. 

Where do I apply the applicator of the MagZapper? 

To apply, hold the applicator directly onto the affected area. (The strongest magnetic field is generated at the spool inside the applicator, the strength of the magnetic field decreases with each additional inch of distances.)

What is the historical and scientific background of magnetic field therapy? 

Many ancient advanced civilizations from the Egyptians, Chinese, Maya and Greek up to the Romans used the power of magnetism. Magnetic metal stones and magnetic batons were applied. In the meantime many effects have been researched and clarified. 
At (in English) you can find out more about the latest research on the topic. Over 6000 entries to the subject exist under the given address. 

When should I not use MagZapper? 

The device should not be used in the following instances: 
• Patients with cardiac pacemakers or other electronic implants
• Severe heart disease
• Diabetes
• Epilepsy
• Feverish fungal and bacterial infections
• Pregnancy
• Acute bleeding 

What do the single control elements mean? (Fig. 1)

• On/Off button: The power light will light up when device is turned on. (Fig. 1)
• Audio Function: When the Audio Function is activated you will hear a beep each time a magnetic pulse is released. It’s activation is indicated by the LED light shown in Fig. 1.
• Controller: Here you can change the strength of the magnetic field and the frequency in which the magnetic field builds itself up. The faster the magnetic field is produced, the weaker it becomes. The slower it is built up, the stronger it is. On the next page you find a survey of the strength of the magnetic field. Gauss is the scale unit for the power of the magnetic field.

1 s (1 Hz) = 2.400 Gauss
2 s (0.5 Hz) = 3.000 Gauss
3 s (0.33 Hz) = 3.600 Gauss
4 s (0.25 Hz) = 4.500 Gauss
5 s (0.2 Hz) = 6.000 Gauss

Will I feel something during the application? 

Most people feel nothing aside from a gentle heating during an application. Sometimes a light prickle might occur. 

How long should I use MagZapper? 

Utilize MagZapper daily. Start with 20 minutes per day and increase slowly to up to 2 hours per day. A regular application over a long period is the optimal basis for good results. 

Which accompanying measures are reasonable? 

Drink pure water sufficiently. 


Caution: The device may become hot during longer use. Take a break after 20 minutes to cool the unit down. Make sure you do not put the console close to any magnetically sensitive units or data mediums. Before starting, take magnetic stripped cards like credit cards etc. out of your trouser pocket. Fine-material means (homeopathic formulas) might also be changed.

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