EarthPulse v8 PEMF - Basic

  • Model: EarthPulse-v7-Basic
  • Manufactured by: EarthPulse
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Most economical PEMF device, "Lite" version now available!

EarthPulse™ v8 Basic PEMF Device

EarthPulse™ v8 Basic PEMF Device is the pinnacle of PEMF technology at an affordable price. Compared to any battery operated system, it’s got a 4 – 5 times more powerful pulsed DC square-wave signal rich in harmonics.

Frequency range from 1 Hz – 14.4 Hz with a single electromagnet at 1100 Gauss peak. Great for sleep, accelerated recovery, more strength & stamina and enhanced mobility and flexibility.

Does everything our full function v8 does without the frequency stepping programs. Set timer, choose your favorite frequency for Sleep, Recovery or Alertness and press start. Program jumps to 14.4 Hz at end of program to assist wake up when using for sleep.

Choose the Lite with just the Air-core (no metal parts in magnet, coil only) or the full power Basic with 1100 Gauss peak magnetic field intensity.

PEMF Device Details

The v8 Basic PEMF system offers you all the power of the full featured v6 and v7 EarthPulse™ with Manual Mode program only. Choose your favorite frequency for sleep set timer and go to sleep. In the morning the frequency will jump to 14.4 Hz for an hour at end of timer to help you wake refreshed. Our staff use Manual Mode setting almost exclusively now; set to 9.6 Hz exactly, or one of its lower harmonics @ 4.8 Hz or 3.6 Hz Theta, 2.4 Hz or 1.2 Hz Delta.

Our Lite version is a full Basic minus the magnet’s metal parts to make it more affordable for you at the onset. It outputs a full 110 Gauss from the magnet coil and you can add the metal parts (base plate, screw, outer ring) to the magnet at any time to get the full output of about 1000 Gauss for $100 plus shipping at a later date if you feel you need more power. See our Tech Specs page to see our waveform and other specs.

You may choose any frequency between 1 Hz and 14.4 Hz. We find no matter which of the 9.6 Hz or lower harmonic settings are used, recovery is phenomenal. You’ll normally wake early due to faster recovery, long before timer runs out and Alert kicks-in. You could buy a battery operated system for slightly less money, but why would you want to? Replacing burned out electromagnets, charging and changing batteries, limiting yourself to just two frequencies (one very low, one very high), no wake up function, limited output amplitude. We reckon that makes no sense at all.

The v8 Basic is great for sleep, recovery, pets; basically does everything our full function v8 does without the stepping up and down Sleep, Recover, Alert and Entrainment Modes. Our v2 analog system sold for $399 in 2002. This system is 3x+ more powerful, 100-240 volt compatible, has wake-up function and much more precise waveform and frequency than our original analog v2. The EarthPulseTM v8 Basic PEMF device is the best deal on the PEMF-planet! There’s nothing on Earth like EarthPulse™!

The inventor and much of the staff currently use Manual-Mode; usually set at 9.6 Hz or it’s lower harmonics when too much caffeine before bed @ 4.8 Hz or 3.6 Hz Theta, or 2.4 Hz or 1.2 Hz Delta. See our page Why 9.6 Hz? to find out why. You don’t want a wearable battery operated tinker toy just to save $50 on your initial purchase. Replacing burned out electromagnets, charging batteries, limiting yourself to just two frequencies (one very low, one very high), no wake up function, limited output amplitude, narrow pulse width. If the EarthPulseTM does for you, what it’s done for our clients since 2002,…you don’t need a daytime system!

Decisions, decisions. If you have questions just drop us an email.

Our Patented PEMF Program Modes

Frequency range under 14.4 Hz

MANUAL-FREQUENCY-MODE – Set for any pulsed magnetic field frequency between 0.5 hz – 14.4 Hz for up to 12 hours with an additional 1 hour 14.4 Hz buffer to help you awaken when used for sleep. More information about brainwave entrainment and the cellular healing effects of PEMF therapy is available on this website.

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