The Crystal Harmonizer

  • Model: CH01
  • Manufactured by: Don & Carol Croft


The Crystal Harmonizer -- or as Carol's husband, Don, calls them: "St. Buster's Button", is a therapeutic device for use on the body. The Crystal Harmonizer can clear the Chakras in a matter of minutes. They will also clear any energy blockages in the body. If you have aches or pains, put the Crystal Harmonizer on the area, base down against the skin, after 10-20 minutes the pain should subside.

These devices have an elaborate coil of copper wire strung with different gemstones for each of the Chakras/Energy Centers of the body. This coil is then suspended in a matrix of copper, titanium, and resin creating the Orgone/Chi/Life Force. At the base, is a north facing neodymium magnet. These are wonderful tools for personal use or for use in your practice.

Dimensions: 2 3/4" across the base, 2 1/4" high.