Polarizer Plate

  • Model: PP-01
  • Manufactured by: Meditech Europe


The polarizer Plate is meant to show you how you can play with your energy, work and also change it. It can clearly be tasted and sensed. No magic. Plain physics and the laws of the electronics. Be amazed how easy it is, the possibilities are endless.

If you put your hand around or above the Polarizer Plate a powerful field arises and you can use this to give you energy or to relax. Try it. Put the Polarizer Plate on your left hand with the rings on top and keep your hand a little bit above the Polarizer Plate. Feel what happens. You could feel your hand getting warm or your fingers tingling. Keep the Polarizer Plate in you right hand and put it on the back of your child or on the belly and feel it calm down, you too.
The Polarizer plate with its toned rings is a nice example of how you can play with your energy. The rings really are toned oscillating antenna rings or open coils. These rings can receive and send in real-time. The Polarizer Plate reacts at the slightest energy change, which causes induction. This field can make a powerful change and mainly has a polarising and strong energetic effect.

Especially children and animals react intuitively. Donít be surprised that when you put the Polarizer Plate into the dogís bed he wonít allow you to take it away again. The animal feels that it is good and it makes the dog feel well. You can always carry the Polarizer Plate on you on a string or in your pocket or wherever you like.†

Every medium like water, liquids, food, plants and also humans and animals have their own field and send information. The Polarizer Plate reacts to this by induction, inverts and sends a wide spectrum of frequencies which makes the taste of water softer, more vivid and energetic . Other fluids can undergo taste differences by added toxic flavourings and colourings and even beer can taste like water.

A nice test is to put the Polarizer Plate under a plate with food or a desert. You can taste that the food gets milder and it will be tolerated better. Deserts from the supermarket are the best to test. Experts say that these are nothing but luxuriously packed garbage and it should not be called food because of all the rubbish that has been made into deserts.†

Even if there is nothing near the Polarizer Plate ,it will still be active. The area around it is so full of information. Just think of all the wireless systems that are in the house, the street, the village, the city or at work. This is enough to drive a person mad. The Polarizer Plate cannot solve everything. Technically it will invert information constantly and send it back polarised. This effect can be intensified for example by putting a crystal on it.

Always make sure that the Polarizer Plate is dry and that there is no contact between the rings and metal or other kinds of conductive material. Then they donít work optimally. You can use both sides of the Polarizer Plate. You can carry it with you in a small bag or treat a spot on your body or help someone else.†

Put the Polarizer plate on a sore spot or on the solar plexus(the third chakra)and experience the change. Sometimes the pain gets worse before it gets better. By putting it on you solar plexus you will relax. Follow your instincts and experiment as much as you like.†

Water your plants with water that has been on the Polarizer Plate for half an hour or put a plant, that can use some energy, on it. For example flowers. Does your child sleep restlessly , put the Polarizer plate under the pillow or the mattress . Put a crystal on the Polarizer Plate and feel if the energy in the room changes.

Even thoughts are powers, so even by having the intention the phenomenon starts. It is found that thoughts influence tiny little particles and form them. Your biological system reacts to a thought immediately. Your muscles show this by being strong or less strong. This can be established by tests or measurements immediately. Also animals, people or plants close react wittingly or unwittingly. Distance does not seem to exist. You can read more about this in the book of Lynne McTaggert: The Intention Experiment.†

According to Rupert Sheldrake every living creature has a unique morpho-energyfield. Each hair, each saliva and every picture is part of this field. For many years now people put a photo or something from a person who is very special to them in a strong energetic field to send this positive energy from a distance. It is scientifically proven that thoughts help. Not that it matters. It is nice to know that nothing is impossible! Isnít it?

By Hessel Hoornveld
Thanks to George Lahovsky
A product of Meditech Europe†