Polarizer Antenna

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To optimize your home, living and working environment.

Area Polarity Research

Be wise and polarize terrestrial radiation, electrical stress and other influences.

What is the Polarizer Antenna?

The Polarizer antenna is an antenna system which absorbs, bundles, regroups, inverts an unlimited wide range of wavelengths and re-broadcasts them. It protects biological systems –all forms of life-from harmful radiation, caused by microwave radiation, microwaves, televisions, fluorescent tubes, TV-and radar stations, microwave masts, radio-television and X-ray equipment, computers, the mains, equipment and devices powered by AC motors. It neutralizes annoying radiation that is stuck in food, water and other drinks. Besides the normalization of electro-magnetical and terrestrial radiation, it also supplies the aura of biological systems by removing inhibiting vibration in their electrical fields.

What is the shape and size of the polarizer of all forms of life?

The Polarizer is a isolated box with a fixed antenna. The dimensions are: width 11 cm, height: 28 cm. It doesn’t need energy, its life is unlimited and one doesn’t have to install or service it. Never open the screw at the bottom. You will damage the system of the antenna which is filled with carefully selected crystal powders.

How does the Polarizer Antenna influence the human aura?

All living creatures are surrounded by an appearance. Their electric fields shine a light, that can hardly be seen by humans. This aura ,however, can be measured by using different techniques for example Kirlian photography. This system, that is named after the Russian couple who developed this, uses a Tesla coil connected to a metal plate. The film and the object to be photographed, are placed on the plate in the dark. When a high electrical voltage is administered, the film will make a picture of the reflection of the object and the surrounding field. Pictures of the aura are widely used to determine the biological activity and vitality. If you are interested the book Darkside of The Brain by Harry Oldfield and Roger Coghill is very interesting.

The Polarizer Antenna is the result of many years of research by a number of scientists specialised in physics, electronics, chemistry, biology, metallurgy and many other fields. If you are interested you can also find much information in the work of the Russian scientist George Lahovsky(book: Secret of Life). Lahovsky is best known for his special results with the Multi Wave Oscillator.

Why is polarization essential for your health?

Many expert recognizes that decline in vitality precedes loss in health. Because of strain we lose our vitality. Biological systems function electrically in an electromagnetic wave universe and that is why the tension of the urban electromagnetic environment is very harmful. The artificial electromagnetic radiation (which also influences the geopathic burden) hinders the fundamental electrical functioning, which clamps vitality and finally disease symptoms appear.

Doctors and Therapists know that where there is a heavy load on for example an electric stress and/ or geopathic strain, homeopathic remedies, vitamins, minerals and medication have practically no or very moderate effect. By harmonizing the electro magnetically and/or geopathically burdened environment, the Polarizer Antenna recovers the coherence of the electric fields of the body, and all the information that is essential for the optimal functioning of the body is available. Polarization also recovers, strengthens and vitalizes the normal frequencies for cellular oscillation. With renewed coherence and vitality, assuming that all laws of nature are respected, the field of life- the biological, bio-electrical blueprint of life without symptoms of failure.

How to use the Polarizer Antenna for maximum benefit?

Be careful with the Polarizer Antenna. It is a sensitive and powerful device. Don’t drop it! If this happens by accident and the device rattles when you shake it, send it back to Meditech Europe.

To polarize electrical systems and terrestrial radiation at home and at work, you only have to put the Polarizer Antenna on the floor of the room. You get the best result when you place the device on/or near to radiation. It will send harmonious vibrations into the room. The Polarizer Antenna is specially designed for electrical stress, a simple device that is placed with a cord into the power-outlet.

To neutralize the effect of terrestrial radiation, place the device near the radiation. By testing you can feel the difference right away, sensitive persons can feel the difference of energy immediately. By tightening or loosening the screw on top of the antenna you can influence the operation. Tight is 100%.

The Polarizer Antenna is an ideal optimizer for the bedroom. At night people are more open to information. If the bedroom is not optimal, it can greatly affect your performance, so make sure you sleeping-place gives you the vitalizing information you need.

Put the antenna on painful parts of the body that often points to an underlying blockage of vitality. By using it a few minutes a day you can get rid of electrical disturbance and blockage of vitality which can cause pain.

The more you learn about energy, matter and shape, the more you will understand the effects and advantages of you Polarizer Antenna. You will also understand better what health is all about. If you have any questions please let us know. We would like to hear from you and we are very interested in your own experience with tehthe Polarizer Antenna. Avoid un-polarized environment. We are concerned about your health and well-being.

Be wise and polarize.

How can you test a person to show that the Polarizer Antenna protects you from terrestrial radiation and electromagnetic radiation?

Polarizer Antenne Serie 3 Kinesiology is a perfect way to test the advantages of your polarizer. Kinesiology is considered to be a legitimate science and is taught at different leading institutes for higher education in America. U.C.L.A. for example offers a degree in Kinesiology. It is used by chiropractors in many ways.

We do not need much. We take a muscle, for example the delta muscle of the shoulder and we use this muscle to test everything that we come into contact with. You only need a weight of 18 kilos to destroy a healthy delta-muscle. So it is very important not to injure the study object by putting to much pressure on it. You should press just hard enough to test the elasticity and mobility in the arm, without tiring the muscle. We do not want to know who is the strongest bu t we want to know if the delta-muscle can close the shoulder against the pressure . You only test when the shoulder muscle gets weak.

It is best to compare A to B.

To test you put the object on a spot that is not directly influenced by radiation and do the muscle-test. Then you put the object on a spot that is influenced by radiation(TV, radio or alarm-clock)and do the test again. Is the muscle weaker then place the Polarizer antenna in the room and do the test again. You will find that the muscle is much stronger and has more power. There will be people that say that you push harder or softer so put the objects of your study on the scales and repeat the tests.

To test a person:
The person should stand straight with the right arm relaxed along the side and the left arm horizontal, elbow straight and stay in that position.
Stand in front of this person and put your left hand on his right hand shoulder to support this person. Then put your right hand on the stretched arm just above the wrist.
Tell this person that you will try to push this arm down and that he should stop this with all his strength.
Push quickly and firmly on the arm. You should push down the arm just hard the enough to find out when the delta-muscle gets weak and the arm cannot stay in position without using the strength of the rest of the body.
Take an electric device(hairdryer/shaver) ,turn it on and hold it near the subject.
Now test the arm again. The arm will be weaker than before. There will be almost no strength.
Turn off the device and test the arm again. The arm will be stronger than with the device turned on.
Take the Polarizer Antenna and put it in the room. Turn it on and let the subject hold it in his hand. Test the strength of the arm. The arm will be much stronger because of the harmonizing effect of the polarizer.
You can also test a person in front of te TV or microwave. If there is no Polarizer Antenna the arm will be weak. If there is a Polarizer Antenna switched on the arm will keep all its strength.
Extract from “Behavorial Kinesiology” by John Diamond M.D. President of the International Academy for Preventive Medicine Harper &Row, publishers.

Test for polarity reversal-circuit-switching.

In his preface of the book “Healing Energies” author Steven Cordas writes: Humanity has a complex electrical system inside that is controlled by a computer, which is bigger than Xerox or IBM together, of which every cell is a micro-transformer and capacitor and also a rudimentary memory-chip. It goes without saying that obstruction of the computer will cause interference to the system.

Because of much unnatural tension, of which the electrical energy made by men is not the least, most people in urban areas who are tested have a polarity switch. These failures in magnetic energy or flow reflect a poorly healing energy. We cannot expect a computer system to work correctly when there is a short-circuit.

To test a polarity switch, make the person stretch his left arm, elbow straight as mentioned above. Make him put the palm of his right hand on his head and do the test. It should be strong with the palm of his right hand on his head and weaker when the back of his right hand is on his head. You will find that most people are weak when they should be strong and strong when they should be weak. Polarity is reversed or switched and the system works without proper energy and information.

You take the polarizer and hold it above the thymus of the subject and test it again. The results show that that there is immediate correction of the switch problem. If the person holds the polarizer in this position for some time , the person will be tested as normal when the polarizer is removed. The result will be temporary, unless this person takes steps to protect itself by polarizing its electromagnetic environment.

To optimize the place where you live and yourself, there are the Polarizer Antenna and the Field of Life Polarizer. Would you like to have your house polarized by an expert please contact us.

Also available: the Personal Polarizer is a beautifully designed device which can be hung on a cord or a chain. It is a simple well-thought oscillation and antenna system. A crystal increases the effect. The result mostly is more rest and balance.

The Polarizer Antenna, Field of Life Polarizer and the Personal Polarizer are set forth by Hessel Hoornveld.