Energy Disc 7cm

  • Model: ME-ED1
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The Energy Disc is a straightforward (quantum) energy generator, a harmonious resonator. The combination of different simple techniques make it interesting and versatile. The Energy Disc measures 7cm and the circumference is 30cm. 

The best results are gained by placing a cup of coffee on it. The flavour will change immediately. Water will taste softer and lighter and with the Energy Disc placed underneath your dinner plate, food is absorbed by the stomach in a more pleasant way. The taste of food is usually altered slightly and this is considered pleasant. 

The Energy Disc is made of aluminium which is easy to manipulate with regards to boosting energy. No magic or other spiritual business involved. On its own not entirely something new, however it is something else. 

Playing with energy is an inexhaustible source, and inseparable from life itself. We only get a small portion of energy from food. The rest is gained from somewhere else, such as the sun, the air, cosmic energy, your environment, thoughts, meditating, breathing and as Brandon Bays says: "Clean your house!" In other words: Tidy up. 

What are the immediately applicable options?

Energising water with the Energy Disc. Also give your plants and pets this water. Manipulate food and drink. Place the Energy Disc on a painful area or injury. Give it to your child to play with and see what happens. Animals enjoy the energy and often become calmer. The Energy Disc is also used to put on Chakra points during treatments. Some place it under their pillow and sleep better, this is really something you should try. You can energise seeds with it. Go on a journey of discovery and be surprised. Generally more expensive wines will not always taste better, while cheaper ones will usually start to taste better. People often wear it on their body or in an item of clothing, while others keep it in their purse or wallet. It can also be worn on the body, often on the solar plexus.

For many years now all kinds of energy-discs etc. have been on the market with many reviews. My inspiration comes from Ralph Bergstresser who introduced me to this matter. Also known as Purple energy disc. 

Energy Disc Large

The Energy Disc Large has a larger surface and the energy is more intensive and is deployed easily when energising water, for example in the bath. The water will become softer and feel different. A great combination is the Energy Disc Large with magnesium bath flakes. Think of a well-earned footbath, the relaxation and better sleep. 

The Energy Disc can also be applied in the energising of products, groceries, seeds, plants, herbs, etc. Place it under your bed for a better night’s rest. The Energy Disc Large is also applicable in the animal world. In the past I experimented a lot with water treatment by means of light and Purple energy discs. Cows would drink more and the number of cells would decrease. I often treated cow sheds with a combination of this with colloidal silver. 

The Energy Disc Small measures 7cm. The Energy Disc Large measures 30cm and is delivered with a return guarantee.

Have fun with the Energy Disc.

Hessel Hoornveld