EMF Harmoniser

  • Model: EMFLC-S


The EMF Harmoniser is a version of the Vortex Energiser, designed to be freestanding and has been developed to balance and harmonise the energetic environment in buildings, counteracting geopathic stress and the effects of electromagnetic radiation, such as generated by computers, TVís and microwave ovens.

Copper.† Size 18cm high x 15cm largest diameter

Electromagnetic Pollution

Why do people often have headaches and feel unwell when using a mobile phone or sitting at the computer?

All electrical appliances and electronic devices produce damaging electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or radiation, which we can't see or feel. This Electromagnetic Pollution interferes with the body's own electromagnetic operating system thus causing stress. Headaches are indicative signs that the body is under stress. This stress, of course, can have many reasons. However, people often don't realise that it could be due to EMFs.

Mobile phones can be particularly damaging, because they are carried in close contact with the body and even the brain, whilst telephoning. Furthermore, the radiation emitted is of microwave frequency, which research is showing more and more to be particularly damaging to human health.

Computer monitors have cathode ray tubes in them, which actually emit a "cocktail" of frequencies ranging from extremely low to X-rays. The real danger here is from long term exposure, i.e. people working several hours a day at the computer.†

CIR have realised that shielding from these fields and radiations is impractical because they are everywhere around us and very difficult to block entirely.†They have therefore adopted the approach of counteracting these damaging radiations by strengthening beneficial energy within us and our near environment. Our products are thereby reducing the effects of interference, i.e. they are reducing electromagnetic stress.