New Nanotechnology Protective Mask with Reusable Nano Silver

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For the production of these face masks, nanosilver was used, which is the result of the latest technology of the XXI Century, called NANOTECHNOLOGY.

The use of nanosilver in products makes them highly bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal. Nanosilver is particularly important when it comes to its effects in soaps. As it has healing properties, it perfectly prevents the formation of skin diseases in healthy people and effectively supports the treatment of existing skin injuries in sick people.

Nanosilver is a natural, effective antibiotic that bacteria are not immune to. In contrast to antibiotics, nanosilver does not destroy the beneficial bacterial flora. It has been observed that it itself looks for germs, attracts them with its positive charge and blocks their vital enzymes.

It does not attack schematically, but in an intelligent way.

Antibiotics destroy 12 harmful bacteria, while nanosilver destroys over 650 pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds.
The healing properties of silver were already known in ancient times, but only now, thanks to NANOTECHNOLOGY, has it been possible to multiply the effect of silver on human skin, as it is broken down into particles that are not much larger than the hydrogen atom .
For comparison: 10 hydrogen atoms stacked next to each other are 1 nanometer long. The nano-silver particles in our products are between 1 and 5 nanometers long. One millimeter (1mm) contains one million silver particles with a diameter of 1 nanometer (1nm).

The bactericidal and fungicidal properties of silver have been used since ancient times. The Egyptians knew that wounds with silver heal better and faster. Drinking from silver cups or throwing a silver coin in milk or water extended the shelf life and freshness of liquids.

It was discovered in Germany in the 19th century that a mild silver solution had a disinfectant effect on eye inflammation without irritating the mucous membrane. Nanosilver are microscopic particles - silver ions that can only be observed through an electron microscope. Thanks to the fragmentation of silver into nanoparticles between 1 and 5 nm (nanometers), the effectiveness of using the bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal properties of silver has increased incomparably. Silver to nanoparticles have a disproportionately larger active surface and thus an unprecedented biocidal potential. The effectiveness of silver nanosilver includes the elimination of more than 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, viruses and molds.

The unique properties of silver make it impossible for pathogenic microorganisms to develop resistance to the effects of silver particles, as is the case with antibiotics.

How does colloidal silver work on viruses?

When a single virus attacks a cell in the body's tissue, it takes control of the cell's nucleus and DNA information as an internal pathogen, continues its destructive activity, and forces the cells to produce (reproduce) other viruses. The cell produces viruses instead of producing the biochemical compounds, enzymes, hormones and other substances that are necessary for its normal activity or for the whole body. Then a domino effect attacks other cells in our body. The newly produced viruses enter the cardiovascular system and spread throughout the body. However, a very interesting phenomenon has been observed - a cell that is attacked by a virus begins to change its biochemistry into a "simplified" one, as well as the oxygen metabolism in that cell is simplified (it is more primitive), which leads to these changes lead to an increased sensitivity to the presence of colloidal silver in the vicinity of this cell. The body cell that "harbors" the virus dies under the influence of colloidal silver. The body removes this dead cell as it does every day when millions of cells are removed when their usefulness is over. Put simply, it is a therapy that is similar to the use of isolation facilities in hospitals for infectious diseases: if someone has a disease that is spreading, they must be isolated from healthy people. Then the spread of the disease is curbed.

  • Shelf life of the masks is at least 2 years
  • Works up to 60 degrees and up to 800 turns
  • It has been soaked in silver 16,000 times.
  • Available in Male (bigger) and Female (smaller) versions