Julia's Sundance Colloidal Silver & Gold Cream

  • Model: ME-JS1
  • Manufactured by: Meditech Europe
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What is the Silver & Gold range?

It is a line of skin care products with pure, energetic and caring ingredients of high quality. The creams in our range are suitable for all skin types, not tested on animals and toxin-free. Works both restorative, refreshing and relaxing. All skin care products are economical in use and do not leave a greasy film.

Colloidal Silver & Gold Sundance:

This is an incredibly beautiful product that hydrates and cares for your skin before, during and after your encounters with the sun. Sunlight, and the UV rays it contains, are indispensable for good health but need to be enjoyed in size. This is the key to healthy sunbathing.
Silver & Gold Sundance provides a natural moisture in the skin and thus prevents dehydration which is the first phase of burning. The natural vitamins and minerals in Silver & Gold Sundance meanwhile nourish the skin which enhances the beneficial effects of sunlight. Silver & Gold Sundance is not a "sun block" and therefore does not allow you to stay in the sun longer than is good for you. However, it helps you to support and care for your skin in the time when the sun shows its radiant face. The special Colloidal Silver Essence in this special cream helps your skin recover after an unexpected burn.


Pure colloidal silver, pure colloidal gold, pure colloidal platinum, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, lanolin, wheat germ oil, cetiol, chamomile, arnica, viola tricolor, vitamin A, vitamin E, glycerol, triaethanolamine, lavender, teatre oil, helicryse, rose, ylang-ylang, secret blend, gemstone mineral powder.

What is the Silver & Gold range packaged in?

The packaging of our Miracle Cream is special to say the least. The violet glass is highly energetic and has an energy-increasing and preservative effect on the contents. The effect of the ingredients is thus prolonged and strengthened.