Julia's Colloidal Silver & Gold Miracle Cream

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Julia’s Miracle is a pure, energy 24-hour skin care cream. Restorative, nutritious and softening. Suitable for all skin types. Toxin-free and not tested on animals. The added vitamins and minerals are of natural origin and are not synthetic or toxic as in virtually all cosmetics.

Our colloidal silver ointment has been a household name for years and there was a demand for a fine, velvety day cream to ideally complement the ointment and body lotion for people who want to treat themselves only to absolutely pure products. 
Your skin is your biggest organ, and what you apply to your skin also gets into the rest of your body. That underlines the importance of pure, natural ingredients. 

Everything has to do with energy, vibration and resonance, and all ingredients have a special effect of their own. The right combinations strengthen each other, leading to a subtly powerful, relaxing and effective combination. Each ingredient, and even the container, has a purpose. The violet glass is a powerful energiser and increases the energy of the content. Dr Knap has conducted research into this effect. 

Pure Colloidal Silver with gold has a strongly optimising effect and is a blessing for your skin. Julia’s Miracle is highly recommended if your skin is exposed to the elements and is also soothing after sunbathing. Julia’s Miracle Cream is based on pure colloidal silver. This is an inorganic silver mineral which has a purifying effect and has proved highly successful. 

Colloidal gold strengthens mental faculties, resistance and the immune system. Gold is also referred to as sun power. 

Platinum is a beautiful, silver-white precious metal in its pure form. Properties ascribed to platinum include tissue regeneration. It brings female qualities into balance. Strengthens the memory. 


Pure colloidal silver, pure colloidal gold, pure colloidal platinum, stearic acid ,cetylalcohol, lanolin, purified wheat germ oil, cetiol, camomile, arnica, viola tricolor, vitamin A, vitamin E, glycerol, triaethanolamine, lavender- TeaTree-Helicrise-rose-Ylang. Secret blend, mineral powder of precious metals. Entirely free of chemical substances.

Much has been written about the efficacy and properties of the ingredients. More information about the ingredients can be found on the internet. Please see the bibliography of Chi Nederland for more information about essential oils. 

Research and development:
Hessel Hoornveld

With thanks to:
- Chi Nederland
- Drs Rijpkema for advice and literature
- Drs Beck
- Nature
- Many (hands on) experts
- And of course "You”