Electro Biotics Ionic & Colloidal Silver 18 PPM

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A natural broad spectrum antibiotic made of pure, certified 99.99% (.9999) silver using a SilverLungs Generator for production of 100% Ionic, 100% Colloidal and 50/50 Ionic/Colloidal each more beneficial for different applications.†
For drinking, 100% Colloidal Silver is best, for nebulising 50/50 Ionic/Colloidal is best, for external use 100% Ionic is best.†

Colloidal Silver is a liquid suspension consisting of microscopic, electrically charged silver particles in distilled water. These microscopically small, electrically charged silver particles can remain suspended in water without artificial additives or stabilisers. This is known as Ionic Silver†(clear liquid) when it is 100% Silver Ions and Colloidal Silver†(amber liquid) when it is made up of 100% Silver Particles, the most common type and the easiest to produce. If you are planning to use larger quantities, you can easily make it yourself using an Electrolyser, two silver electrodes and distilled water. We recommend the SilverLungs Generator for making your own Ionic and Colloidal Silver at home for your family.†
Our 100% Ionic Silver is 18 PPM. Our 100% Colloidal Silver is 15 PPM.†

Distillation equipment is also offered on our website. Donít let anyone tell you that you have to buy ionic colloidal silver from a supplier. Do yourself, your family, friends, acquaintances, animals and plants a big favour with this superb remedy, the special properties of which have even been scientifically proven.
Good books about colloidal silver are available. For detailed information read the literature on this website.

See also high energy colloidal silver: Colloidal Silver Essence†& Sovereign Silver

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