Colloidal Gold Essence

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The broad effect of colloidal gold (Aurum Metallicum)

Meditech Europe is the first and only company in the Netherlands to meet all the requirements of the new Food Safety Authority with regard to the manufacture and supply of colloidal silver, gold and skincare products. The audit was conducted after long preparations mid March 2013. Laboratory tests are carried out by an accredited lab. This means that our products officially meet the requirements and that we are working according to HACCP guidelines.


Gold belongs to the group of bullions and is found in nature as a pure metal. The symbol comes from the Latin word Aurum, which means 'lights' or 'shines'. It is the 74th element in the list of most common elements on earth, and the metal of the Sun (solar). For many, gold has a magical meaning and it is used throughout the centuries in many ways. However, in recent years, especially in America, there is a growing interest in the benefits of gold. Just like colloidal silver in Europe gold had become a known concept here.

What is colloidal gold?

Gold is found as a trace element in the building blocks of the human body, especially in the brains. It is a metal the body needs. Colloidal gold is pure gold, floating in distilled water. The gold is in ionic form and is measured in microns (measured = one millionth of a meter in diameter). It is seen as a mineral, and the gold particles, in ionic form, are so small that they have no toxic load on the body. Colloidal Gold Essence

Colloidal gold is not as simple to make as, for example, colloidal silver. For making gold you need a very high voltage of over 30,000 volts and distilled water. After this the gold particles come loose under high tension. A fascinating spectacle. The now obtained colloidal gold (mineral supplement) is taste and odorless and has a light purple violet color. Unlike silver gold doesn’t oxcidate  (rust). Gold, however, is an expensive metal. Production of colloidal gold in the Netherlands is, despite the large demand, unfortunately very limited.

Note: Colloidal Gold comes in special Viosol glass bottles. There is also 5% silver processed in it in order to keep it sterile. Colloidal Silver also contains 2% Colloidal Gold. The particle size varies between 1 and 66 nm. The amount ppm is between 2 to 3 ppm.

The history of colloidal gold

Gold was already known 3000 years before Christ as a jewelery and medium of exchange. Michael Faraday, the famous English physician discovered colloidal gold (around 1857).

In the Middle Ages it was used as an elixir to promote health and restore youthfulness.

The Chinese have proven for centuries that this is nothing new, they cooked gold coins with their food  in order to absorb the energy of gold. Even the Bible mentions the benefits of gold. When Moses came from the mountain with his Ten Commandments and saw to his horror that the people had taken his jewelry. They had made themselves a God in the shape of a "golden calf". The people were tired of waiting for Moses and God and decided to worship an idol, the golden calf. Moses became angry, he threw the tablets away. He took the golden calf the people had made, burned it with fire and grinded it until it was small and scattered it on the water and made the children of Israel drink it. This is the first recipe in the history of man, colloidal gold.