SilverLungs High pH Colloidal Silver Base Generator Kit

  • Model: SLDK-BASE
  • Manufactured by: SilverLungs
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This is our basic colloidal silver generating kit for those who already own a proper water test meter, laser pointer, ultrasonic nebulizer, UV protective glass applicators and storage bottles. The silver solutions produced from this generator kit can be directly-delivered to the eyes, ears, nose, lungs, topically to the skin and orally to the digestive system.

The pure .9999 silver electrodes included with this kit were designed to never be replaced as they will produce well over 1,000 gallons (4,000 batches) of full strength 20 PPM colloidal silver!

Requires no maintenance nor replacement parts!

Be sure to add the SilverLungs water test meter if you do not already own a water purity testing device!

The Base Generator kit does not include the required water test meter! This should not be considered an optional (but rather vital) component.

110V and 220V Worldwide compatible!

Items Included:

- Complete step-by-step user manual
- The SilverLungs Generator (120V & 240V compatible)
- 36 oz. glass production flask
- Flask cleaning brush
- (2) .9999 pure silver electrodes (7 gauge)
- Rubber stopper
- Pure copper polishing pad for silver electrodes
- Magnetic stirring bar
- Reducing agent (converts the ionic solutions into true colloidal solutions)


- 3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty!
- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Requires no maintenance nor replacement parts!

Industry Recognition:
- Endorsed by Mike Adams "The Health Ranger"
- Endorsed by G. Edward Griffin
- Endorsed by Dr. Rebecca Carley

Silver Solution Manufacturers (False Claims Beware!) There is one company that claims patent(s) on their silver solution yet these are patents on their specific "process" for producing their silver solution, not on what is actually produced. By applying the patent number to their marketing (and even their product labels), this leads the consumer to think that the silver solution is something beyond regular ionic or colloidal silver. The same manufacturer also disguises the taste of the solution with chemical additives and a very mild fragrance to provide a comforting placebo effect. We have tested most silver solutions on the market that make pseudo-science false claims. Tests such as "UV Vis", TEM analysis, pH testing, etc - provide great insight into discovering "other" ingredients involved in many silver solutions on the market.

All silver solution producers (outside of SilverLungs) attempt to persuade you that their silver solution is "like no other" and cannot be made at home. Silver solution manufacturers cannot have you know that you should be making professional-grade colloidal/ionic silver right from home with a quality colloidal silver generator.

Some make ludicrous claims that their solution emits an exact "528Hz homeopathic LOVE energy." Another manufacturer claims they have "removed eight electrons from their silver atoms" and that their silver molecules "emit ultra-violet light." We have also found a company that claims they have split their silver particles so small they are in the form of a "gas" for better absorption! In a time when silver solutions are very close to being banned from over the counter sale through recent legislation, it is no wonder most colloidal silver producing companies create false science and claims to mislead the undiscerning consumer.

Please note: This Colloidal Silver Maker is shipped directly from the US so if you are outside of the US or Canada, your own country may incur customs import tax. Please include your phone number when ordering as this product is shipped by courier and a phone number, preferably a mobile number, is needed in order to contact you for delivery.

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