Electrolyser - Colloidal Silver Maker

  • Model: MD-EL


The Electrolyser is simple and easy to use. This beautiful looking device incorporates a piece of technology that enables you to make beautiful pure colloidal silver. Let us surprise you! This mobile Electrolyser can be used with a 9 volt battery and/or with an external power supply such as an adapter.

Naturally, an informative booklet about Colloidal Silver for the Electrolyser is included.

Unpack and control:

Remove the Electrolyser and the silver electrodes from the packaging. When the electrodes are bent, you can safely straighten them again. The mains supply is present in the package.

To install:

Place both silver electrodes in the connectors on the bottom of the Electrolyser and connect the enclosed power supply to the Electrolyser.

Making colloidal silver:

Making Colloidal Silver with the Electrolyser is very simple. The first step is: use only distilled water. The second step is: put the water in a glass or can. The third step is to make colloidal silver by placing the Electrolyser on the glass and inserting the electrodes into the water.

Note: do you make colloidal silver for intake? Then only use distilled water! Follow the advice to achieve the best result.

Consumer advice Electrolyser.

  1. Place the device with the 2 pens in the water (distilled water). Start with one liter.
  2. The LED light on the display will light up. Regularly measure the amount of particles in the water with the ppm meter. Between 5 and 10 ppm is a nice value to get started. Be sure to read the literature about this.
  3. Stir the liquid regularly to prevent clumping, or use an air pump to blow bubbles in the liquid to keep the water moving. It is a slow process, this is necessary to get a nice transparent solution. Fast processes will provide a murkier solution and too large particles.

Additional advice:

You can speed up the process of making by adding the content of a bottle with 250ml colloidal silver to the distilled water. Then there are already minerals in the water so the conduction will go faster. Distilled water does not or hardly conduct.

About the water:

In order to be able to make the finest colloidal silver with your Electrolyser, the quality of the water is of invaluable importance. The Electrolyser is made to be used with distilled water. Osmosis filtered water or ozonized water that has been treated with the Electrolyser are NOT suitable for ingestion. They are suitable for disinfection. Even distilled (no demineralized) water that you get in the pharmacy often shows different results. Not all distilled water is capable of producing those small particles that give the best results.

At Electro Biotics you can also obtain very affordable water distilling equipment:


About clumping:

It does not make sense to want to make stronger solutions by leaving the Electrolyser longer in the water. This creates a clumping effect of silver particles. It is therefore better to have a good colloidal silver solution than a solution that contains too much silver and is less effective. Occasional stirring with a stick or plastic spoon is fine. You can also take an air pump with a filter block at the end for in the water. Put a clip on the air supply hose, and then you can regulate the airflow. Occasionally some bubbles are enough to set it in motion.

About cleaning:

Occasionally clean the electrodes for better conductivity.

Do not use detergents or polishes.

The colloidal silver solution can be transparent, and it can change color if you hold it to the light. You now have a fantastic product that cost thousands of guilders before 1940. The contents of a teaspoon contain about 15 micrograms of silver, a quantity that is often used daily. If you wish to use the colloid silver during purification and optimization, consult the available literature and consult your doctor or therapist.

About the electrodes:

Immediately after use, clean the electrodes with a soft cloth to remove the deposit. The corrosion that you do not get away can be removed with a soft abrasive sponge. Never use silver polish or the like to clean the electrodes, as they may leave a toxic residue.

Exchange the electrodes regularly with each other because the one electrode dissolves earlier than the other electrode. The Electrolyser makes colloidal silver by an electrolysis process, and microparticles of silver are dissolved in distilled water that are released by the electrodes. You can obtain new electrodes from Electro Biotics.


About the storage of colloidal silver:

Store the Colloidal Silver in a dark or violet glass bottle, as light destroys the suspension of the colloidal solution. Not in the refrigerator, but at room temperature.

What else is colloidal silver used for?

Colloidal silver is safe for the environment, it purifies and prevents unnecessary loads. - - As purification for the water and water that, for example, is given to plants or sprayed with them.

  • Vegetables are also sprayed with them and therefore remain good for longer time.
  • A splash in the water of the cut flowers will make them last longer.
  • The skin of animals and birds can be treated with the spray, or you can use it on them as eye and ear drops in case of discomfort in animals.
  • Also think of spraying sleeping places for dogs and cats, not to mention the litter box. These are important breeding places for pathogens.
  • Colloidal silver is given to horses, cows, goats, pigs and whole pigsties. This often results in a drastic reduction in costs. Veterinarians are also increasingly using this.
  • Pigeon fanciers have discovered the operation long ago, just like lovers of parrots.
  • Colloidal silver is used by various cat shelter organizations to prevent and treat the animals.
  • Many are not aware that cutting boards, counter tops, refrigerators and trash cans are important points of attention with regard to microorganisms.
  • Spray pillows, beds, mattresses and the inside of the shoes.
  • Spray the toilet and shower with colloidal silver.
  • Socks are often impregnated and in China also diapers are often impregnated with colloidal silver in China.
  • Colloidal silver is increasingly being processed in water-based paint to counter mold formation, among other things. See research.
  • You can use Colloidal Silver as a purifying agent for dishes, washing water, toothbrush, toilet, refrigerator, shower and shower curtain, etc, etc.
  • A few drops to a splash in the drinking water of your pets, your plants, aquarium, etc.

Scientific research (in English) is available on request. Dr. Beck has released a lot of valuable information regarding effective devices. Also, read the booklet on Colloidal Silver that comes with this package for many more applications.


The EPA's poison control Center has not been able to detect any side effects of Colloidal Silver, and considers it harmless in any concentration whatsoever.


  • The Electrolyser is not a medical device
  • The amount of silver particles can be determined with a PPM meter.
  • In case of serious problems; seek professional help.
  • The manufacturer is not liable for improper use.
  • Use is at your own risk.
  • Keep it out of reach of children.

PLEASE NOTE: The Electrolyser is despatched from Europe.