VariGamma 2.0 - Frequency Generator

  • Model: VariGamma2.0
  • Manufactured by: Dr. Clark
€649.00 €629.00-3%


Versatile, small, easy to operate and affordable -- includes zapper program and the possibility to run your own frequencies. Put together your own frequencies and store them as complete programs that you can run anytime from your Device. This function enables you to run frequencies that are customized to your needs. The VariGamma 2.0 also plays our Program Driver Cards that are frequencies put together according to illnesses.

Frequency therapy is one of the four pillars of the Dr. Clark system.

VariGamma 2.0 - frequency generator is the perfect assistant to ensure this is performed correctly. The new model features some innovations and improvements.

The Zapper was Dr. Hulda Clark's most important and most famous invention, and is a part of any of her protocols.

For close to two years we have been busy as beavers developing the new generation of Dr. Clark Zappers and Frequency Generators together with a team of software and hardware engineers. And now finally, the new devices are here! We believe that this device will take Dr. Clark's concept of frequency applications to a whole new level.

The list of innovations in this unit is long, so let me start with the most important ones for today:

  • Frequency Programs can be uploaded from a Smartphone App (needs phone with NFC technology, and currently only on Android)
    -- or through Program Driver cards like in the previous Zapper.
  • Programs now get stored in the device, so all uploaded Programs are then available in the Library.
  • Rechargeable battery built in -- no more battery worries.
  • Most functions are handled through the turnwheel -- turn and click. It's easy!
  • Large color screen makes handling convenient and easy.
  • Made from latest electronic parts, ensuring the most precise signal.

On the VariGamma Frequency Generator, frequency programs can be generated, then transferred to any VariZapper.

The VariZapper can be upgraded to the VariGamma Generator with the VariGamma module. The module is the yellow part you see in the picture sticking out at the top.

Introductory Specials: We offer numerous introductory specials, so you can get your new VariZapper or VariGamma generator at a great price! For clients who have a previous model of our VariZapper, we also offer an exchange bargain. Program Drivers from the previous VariZapper can be moved into the Smartphone App for free. Check out these great offers here. They are valid until May 27:

The VariApp

So, the big news here is the smartphone App. Up until now, to use Programs with the Zapper, you had to order them through the mail, then stick them in the Zapper to use them. Now, you can connect to the VariZapper (or the VariGamma Generator) with the VariApp. You can buy Programs right in the VariApp and upload them to the VariZapper.

With a VariGamma Frequency Generator, you can program Frequency Programs yourself and store them in the library; or send them to the App to then upload to any other VariZapper or VariGamma. This is ideal for practitioners who want to generate Frequency Programs for their clients.

The folks who prefer to not use a smartphone App, who do not have a smartphone with NFC technology, or use an iPhone (the iStore version is not available yet, due to the additional requirements to be listed in the iStore), it is still possible to upload the Programs through physical Program Drivers.

Once the Programs are uploaded, they are in the VariZapper's Library and you can select and run them at any time.

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