Swing Zapper Complete

  • Model: 2021091702
  • Manufactured by: Meditech Europe
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Optimize your health and work at home on the elimination of all kinds of harmful organisms such as parasites and other invaders? The Swing Zapper can do that through electro-therapy in a simple but effective way.

What does the Swing Zapper do?

Your well-being will recover, and we hear that complaints disappear and that people are feeling more comfortable. To achieve an optimal result of this treatment a supplementary herbal treatment is recommended. Please ask Meditech or your therapist for advice on this. Also, eating healthy and avoiding harmful external substances (such as smoking and cosmetics with poisons) positively contributes to using the Swing Zapper. Switching to organic food and other products also often results in a positive contribution.

How does the Swing Zapper work?

The word 'swing' in the Swing Zapper stands for a variable frequency within a defined territory. This variable frequency ensures that parasites and other intruders can not guard themselves against this or can become immune to treatment. Thus, the area which is being treated is much bigger than with any Zapper whatsoever. You do not need to set frequencies or use different chips.

Another unique piece of technology is the energetic system that is built-in into your Swing Zapper. The practice and research of Dr. Puharich (into the effects of a so-called Mobius coil) in the renowned Max Planck Institute and of the scientist Dr. Glen Rein, confirm that this positively influences the result. That this energetic system really works shows a simple test. If you activate the Swing Zapper and put it against a glass of wine or water the taste often changes within a very short time. The energetic field is generated directly in the Swing Zapper.

How to use the Swing Zapper?

  • Connect the hand electrodes to the Swing Zapper through the cords. 
  • Put the Swing Zapper on a stable, non-slip surface. 
  • Place the hand electrodes in the hand and press ON (use red on the left and black on the right). When the light starts blinking, the Swing Zapper is in action. 
  • The Swing Zapper automatically operates a program of seven minutes. It automatically switches off after seven minutes.

What does a treatment with the Swing Zapper look like?

  • A full course of treatment begins with 3 times per day 7 minutes of using the Swing Zapper, with breaks of 20 minutes. Toxins that are released have to be thoroughly eliminated in full, hence the repeat.
  • After a week, you build the frequency down to every other day, or to the frequency that you discuss with your therapist. 
  • Keep drinking enough, to accelerate the drainage of toxins.
  • Also make sure that you rest enough: your body emits toxins (poisons), and thereby  you may feel tired afterwards.

When the Swing Zapper is in action, also the output voltage remains charged at 10 volts. If you measure with a voltmeter, this is approximately 5 volts. This is due to the positive offset. You measure half the voltage. This continuous voltage of 10 volts ensures optimal results.

A tip from us for the maintenance: avoid moisture, heat and extreme cold. Treat the Swing Zapper gently. You can clean the electrodes with an environmentally friendly means, such as young grain genever.

The Swing Zapper works on two half volt batteries.

Please note that the hand electrodes can only be used on the hand, do not place them on another part of the body


The hand electrodes are intended for your hands only. Do NOT place them anywhere else on your body. The electrodes are included in the Swing Zapper pack (feet electrodes are also available on request). 

According to Dr. Clark it is important to avoid chemicals and propyl alcohol. Propyl alcohol is mainly used in cosmetics and cleaning agents. According to Dr. Clark, every cancer patient carries propyl alcohol in his liver.

You can optimise your treatment by means of the parasite herb course and/or in combination with colloidal silver and/or colloidal gold. More information about these products is available from our website ElectroBiotics.com.