Blood Optimizer

  • Model: 560163
  • Manufactured by: Meditech Europe


Meditech Europe's Blood Optimizer is a very special and valuable device. This technology discovered in 1990 is so simple, user-friendly and effective that it is indispensable in the arsenal of conscious self-reliant people.

Stimulate your blood and expel invaders

The Blood Optimizer is based on Doctor Bob Beck's work. His work has helped many hundreds of people. By treating the blood flowing through the veins on the skin surface, the blood is stimulated and also "unwanted guests" present therein.

What is the technical operation of the Blood Optimizer?

The Blood Optimizer generates micro electrical shocks that are led through the bloodstream. This occurs by placing two electrodes on the skin where a bloodstream runs close to the skin surface such as the wrist, forearm, leg or ankle.

What are the application possibilities of the Blood Optimizer?

Dutch legislation does not allow us to describe in detail what the many potential benefits of the Blood Optimizer may be. If you enter the web using the search term "Bob Beck Protocol" and/or "blood electrification" you will soon see all the special and amazing experiences many people have had through the use of this technique. However, we can tell you that the technique has a very desirable effect on your well-being.

The Bob Beck Protocol

Doctor Bob Beck has compiled a well-known and widely used protocol. This protocol consists of:

  • At least 20 minutes per day blood optimization,
  • Daily use of colloidal silver,
  • Daily use of ozone water,
  • And daily magnetic field treatments.

All products you need for this protocol are available for sale via our web-shop. See the "Related Products" section next to this or click on the inserted links.


The Blood Optimizer is a device that transmits micro pulses of electricity through the bloodstream. This can have a disruptive effect on the functioning of pacemakers and may be harmful to the neurological system of an unborn child. Therefore, the use of the Blood Optimizer is strongly discouraged for people wearing a pacemaker and pregnant women.