Hua Han Ear Acupuncture Stimulator

  • Model: DJT-4A
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The Hua Han device is a Low Frequency Acupuncture Stimulator that combines traditional Chinese medicine with modern technology. The Hua Han device is very user friendly and gives you the chance of a painless acupuncture treatment because without needles.

Ear acupuncture exists in the West since 1957 when the French physician Paul Nogier mapped more than 300 reflex points in the ear. He already successfully treated several patients with radiation pains. The ear is in fact a micro system of the reflex points on the entire body and thus stimulation of ear acupuncture points can have a direct impact on certain areas of the brain causing a reduction in pain.

In Asia, the use of ear acupuncture is daily bread, in Europe it is reluctantly getting accepted. People who use it are positively surprised and we sell this smart technology at an affordable price and give entitlement to refund.

The treatment method of the Hua Han technology is based on the recent scientific study that showed that the electric resistance of an ear-acupuncture point in case of illness or pain lies between 10 and 50 times lower than when healthy. This therefore means that in case of a distortion of a particular organ, tissue or joint, this distortion will also be measured in the ear. The Hua Han automatically measures and regulates these distortions: the ear-acupuncture points with a lower resistance (= in case of illness or pain) will be detected by the device and it will automatically give an incentive to again reach the normal electrical resistance in the ear. In this way, the body is re-regularized and your symptoms may disappear.


The use is simple; put the headset on your head or the electrodes on the to be treated reflex point. There are NO acupuncture needles!

  • Painless treatment without needles
  • Day-to-day treatment at home
  • No known side effects
  • Quick result
  • Estimated success rate of treatment: 92%
  • Tested and recommended by renowned professors
  • Annual sales in Asia of up to 400,000 units†
  • Already proved successful in America and Australia†
  • Affordable

Warnings and usage:

- First consult your doctor in case of serious complaints or illnesses before starting Hua Han† treatment.
- Do not use on children under three years.
- Do not use simultaneously with medical electrical equipment.
- Do not use with a pacemaker.
- Do not use with heart rhythm disorders or other hearth diseases.
- Do not stick body plasters on or around the heart.
- Keep the appliance out of the reach of children.
- After use, turn off the unitís power and remove the plug from the socket.
- The adapter is only to be used for the Hua Han.†
- Avoid contact with moisture or water.
- After use, clean the ear-stimulators with a little water.
- After use, put back the protective film on the body electrodes.