• Model: VariZapper
  • Manufactured by: Dr. Clark



Dr Hulda Clark's Zapper frequency device has become widely used and is an integral part of her holistic
protocol. The VariZapper is the most innovative Zapper on the market, bringing continuous improvement while
being true to its origins: Dr Clark's basic Zapper.


When you look at the VariZapper it looks just like one unit, in fact it consists of two parts:

  • the first part is the Base Unit which houses the main body of the device including the screen
  • the second part is the VariZapper module.

When you buy the VariZapper it is supplied with both the Base Unit and the VariZapper module. If you want to turn this into a frequency generator you can slide out the VariZapper module and replace with the VariGamma module (purchased separately).

Use Program Driver Cards:

Program Driver Cards contain pre-programmed sequences of targeted frequencies according to Dr Clark's frequency list. Simply plug them into your VariZapper and start! And you can use the same Program Driver Cards on the VariGamma.


Large Pixel Display:

You will enjoy the large new pixel display with a blue background light that allows easy reading without stress on the eyes, and maximum user friendliness.

Beautiful design and high build quality

You will be amazed by the simple beauty of this sturdy unit.

User friendly

The large pixel display allows a whole new level of user friendliness. VariZapper is easy to use and requires no programming.

What is supplied with the VariZapper?

The VariZapper comes in a padded black hard-shell plastic case complete with VariBase base unit, VariZapper Module and all accessories you need to get started (cable, wristbands, 9V block battery, 2 pairs of gel electrodes).

What can the VariZapper do?

The VariZapper has 3 standard programs:

  • regular zapping (7-20-7-20-7 min)
  • duration zapping (60min non-stop zapping)
  • regular zapping with "duration" program
  • zappicator function (groceries zapping/zappicator board needed).
  • For other frequency programs, simply insert a pre-programmed Program Driver Card (see program driver list for available programs and price) and press start!

Where can I get the Dr Clark frequency list?

Simply click this link to get the frequency list from and follow the instructions. Once you have completed a copyright acknowledgement, the complete list of frequencies will be emailed or sent to you from Dr. Clark Zentrum.

Please Note: 

Many people are confused about the programmability of the VariZapper. If you do not purchase optional Program Drivers Cards you can only run the standard frequency recommended by Dr Clark, which is approximately 32KHz. The ONLY way to change the standard frequency is by inserting a Program Driver Card into the VariZapper. It is not possible to directly input a specific frequency. If you want to do this then the VariGamma is for you.