Ultimate Zapper SE (Euro Model) by Ken Presner

  • Model: UZKP-SE
  • Manufactured by: Ken Presner
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*2010 SE MODEL*

Please note:
The Universal AC Adaptor is required for European countries. It has an American 2-pin plug on it so you will still need a "plug adaptor" which will be specific to your country. We do not supply plug adaptors at this time but they are available in most local electronics stores.
If you have a European Universal AC Adaptor already (most households do), this can also be used with the Ultimate Zapper. 
North American AC Adaptors and Universal AC Adaptors are now free with all orders. 

The Ultimate Zapper can be used for Blood Electrification or Blood Zapping.

My name is Ken Presner. I invented The Ultimate Zapper in 1996 inspired by Dr. Hulda Clark. Its 11-feature formula is unique. It creates a power no other zapper matches. It helped me recover from two incurable diseases. I was paralyzed with MS in 1989. I nearly died from Crohn's disease in 1994. My Recovery Protocol shows I did not recover by accident.

The World Health Organization says parasites cause so many illnesses and are actually the #1 health problem worldwide. Studies show everyone has 1 to 2 pounds of parasites. Dr. Robert Thiel's study shows zapping can kill parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungus. Medical studies show zapping can kill cancer. But The Charts show most zappers are actually very limited.

The Charts compare 24 zappers using the 11 features that make zappers effective. They show The Ultimate Zapper's formula is superior to all single frequency, dual, digital, multiple and sweep zappers. This is corroborated by professional endorsements, 250 testimonials and numerous studies. An expert electronics engineer tested all major zappers. The Ultimate Zapper easily beat all the others. It gives the best results and the fastest. After a Curezone study showed ParaZapper may give some results in 4 hours but The Ultimate Zapper gives superior results in 1 hour ParaZapper conceded The Ultimate Zapper is the most powerful zapper.

The Ultimate Zapper produces Blood Electrification, patented for killing HIV, and Electroporation Therapy. Both are US government-approved. Its healing power has helped thousands recover from cancer, HIV, malaria and a long list of ailments under 16 categories. Read how an HIV patient reduced his viral load from 50,000 to 500 and how a terminal cancer patient beat the odds.

See The Ultimate Zapper's unique formula. It has 11 features that make zappers effective. Its strongest rival has 5. Read the scientific support for its unique and powerful near 100% Duty Cycle. See The Charts that compare 24 zappers. See endorsements by healers, dowsers and electrical engineers. They say The Ultimate Zapper is by far the best. See the Curezone Study that shows it gives the fastest results. See the list of illnesses it has treated. Read the 250 testimonials. Read about Blood Electrification for treating blood conditions. Read the Darkfield Microscopy report of live blood cell analysis, "One year ago I had cancer ..." See how it helped me overcome MS and Crohn's. Read about its aura expansion that promotes healing. Read about cell regeneration with Electroporation. No other zapper maker offers such compelling documentation. Experience The Ultimate Zapper's healing power. Take advantage of the 3-month trial.

The Ultimate Zapper is made in Canada with state-of-the-art components hard-wired for superior reliability in a 3.5" (9 cm.) x 2" (5 cm.) x 1" (2.5 cm.) rugged ABS box -- battery compartment included. Wires and clips are solid copper. Here is a summary of the 11 features. Read the details below.

Please Note:
The Ultimate Zapper is made in North America and comes with a North American adaptor. In order to use it in Europe, you will need to order the Universal AC Adaptor if you don't already have one.

The Ultimate Zapper is not covered under warranty if damage occurs to the machine due to use of an AC Adaptor that is not specifically an Ultimate Zapper adaptor so it is advisable to order a Universal AC Adaptor with your Ultimate Zapper to avoid this situation. 

1. 100% DUTY CYCLE

an exclusive feature of The Ultimate Zapper --
it produces results far superior to all other zappers


stays square "under load" --
the most effective square wave of any zapper


produced by the AC adapter --
10.5 volts is the optimum voltage for cell detoxification


produced by the AC adapter --
it delivers full therapeutic power


produced by the stainless steel accessories
plus the AC adapter


improve results by 63% to 77% --
they are far superior to copper footpads


produces superior results --
combined with the synergy of 4 additional key features


more than any other zapper --
they multiply the therapeutic effect of the primary wave


(US government-approved)
kills pathogens in the blood including HIV


(US government-approved)
delivers powerful regenerative therapy to all the cells


by a factor of 3 times -- shields the body
from harmful ambient frequencies and promotes healing


Tooth Zappicator
The Ultimate Zapper converts to the most powerful tooth zappicator.
It kills oral infections without the purchase of any add-ons.
#28 in the User's Manual has the details.

Food Zappicator
The Ultimate Zapper's footpads (sold separately) convert to a zappicator that zaps food more effectively than costly devices from other makers.
#27 in the User's Manual has the details.

Please note: This blood zapper is shipped directly from Canada so if you are outside of the US or Canada, your own country may incur customs import tax.
Please also include your phone number when ordering as this product is shipped by courier and a phone number, preferably a mobile number, is needed in order to contact you for delivery.

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