The T-Rex - Modified Terminator 2 Zapper


  • Model: T-REX
  • Manufactured by: Don & Carol Croft

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The T-Rex ©, Modified Terminator Zapper - Don Croft's wife Carol Croft has developed a gem/coil configuration for the Terminator zapper that has proven to make the device even more effective for healing and for increasing awareness. She's calling this modified Terminator, 'T-Rex' and you may order one if you have already been using a Terminator Zapper. Otherwise, our field research has shown that people who have not been prepared to assimilate this new energy may experience discomfort from using the T-Rex and we want our customers to only be pleased with our products. 

The effects are achieved with 17 specific gems placed on a double helix coil, all of which is visible in the orgonite component. If you want to learn from Carol how gems and other elements can be combined for specific purposes, check out her blogsite. Another good, down to earth resource is CRYSTAL POWER, CRYSTAL HEALING, by Michael Gienger, and available from

Please Note: This product is shipped from the U.S. and can take 3-5 days to reach Europe. The item is small enough not to incur customs charges. 

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