Research Signal Generator RSG-1 by Scada Research

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  • Model: RSG-1

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- Scada Research's highly programmable top of the range zapper packed full of features for ease of use
- can also be used for Colloidal Silver generation, making the RSG1 a very economical piece of equipment

  • Selectable frequencies of 2128Hz, 10kHz, 30kH
  • Mode pre-customized to Dr. Hulda Clark's zapper sequence of 7 minutes zapping then 20 minutes rest then 7 minutes zapping again then 21 minutes rest then final 7 minutes zapping.
  • Mode for continuous zapping
  • Mode with current limited to~15mA with timer (10 minute increments)
  • Mode with adjustable current limited from ~0.5mA to ~26mA with timer (10 minute increments) - needs an external silver rod assembly (not included)
  • Mode with Automatic Polarity switching every 2.5 minutes (reduce build-up) with timer 10 minute increments ~ needs an external silver rod assembly (not included)
  • Modes with adjustable intensities of ~0.5mA to ~26mA with selectable frequencies of 4 Hz, 16 Hz and 100 Hz

Accessories Included
~ Cable with Stainless Steel Electrodes with Cotton Sleeves
~ Neoprene strap with Velcro
~ Cable with banana type plugs
~ Copper handholds with Cotton Sleeves
~ 2 Silver Rods .9999 pure ~6" length
~ Velcro Clinch Strap
~ RSG-1 User Guide

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